Bramley, Lorie  319-550-8844
         Lorie has been a porcelain artist for over 35 years and is now embracing
         the art of watercolor painting.
Caraway, Darcy  319-360-6444 
Chapman, Howard  319-329-2073

Cira, Laura 319-929-4328

Ellis, Teresa 760-822-5922
         Teresa enjoys doing book and paper arts, watercolor and print making.

Fox, Leslie 319-536-0138

Frederisksen, Rosemary 319-573-3703

Harford, Judy 319-270-8187
Hoyt, Betty Jo (BJ)  319-438-1133

Kacena, Jay 319-377-7709

Lacock, Mary 319-350-4027 

MacMillan, Amber 319-400-0546  
Moore, Lisa   319-202-4801

Mueggenberg, Amy 319-721-5063
Nelson, Jane  319-651-6121

Peterson, Robert 319-364-6859

Peyton, Elaine 319-350-4595 
          Elaine has been painting and teaching for over 30 years.  She works in several
          mediums, watercolor, oil, colored pencils, ink etc.  She enjoys incorporating
          new ideas and techniques into her one of a kind pieces.

Sharp, Pat 319-373-5239

Westpheling, Denise 319-361-9347
          Denise comes from a small town in Iowa.  She works in all media and enjoys
          creating realistic watercolors to large abstract paintings.