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Biederman, Sue   712-260-1143   sbiederman@evertek.net
Bramley, Lorie   319-550-8844   artbylorieb@gmail.com
                Lorie has been a porcelain artist for over 35 years and is now embracing the art of
                watercolor painting.
Cimaglia, Joan   319-393-6564    cima@mchsi.com
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Ellis, Teresa
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Harford, Judy
Hoyt, Betty Jo (BJ)   319-438-1133   tbjhoyt@iowatelecom.net
Huebner, Kathleen   319-377-3829 khuebner@aol.com
               "Art is a journey" believes Kathleen.  Knowledge is growing in day to day painting,
               by discovering, new ways to capture light, texture and depth.  Incorporating this new
               knowledge into her work makes Kathleen exclaim "The pleasure of creating just
               keeps getting better and better!"
Hunter, Helen   319-362-4777   hymnsinger81@protonmail.com
               Helen is a watercolorist and has been painting since 2004.  She loves to paint
               flowers and landscapes, but is always eager to try new subjects.  She has won awards
               at Iowa Artists and at the Art Fair in Lake Placid, Fl.  "Painting stretches me to do
               things I wouldn't think I could do."
Kacena, Jay   319-377-7709   jaykacena7709@msn.com
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Peterson, Robert   319-364-6859   1million@mediacombb.net
Peyton, Elaine   319-350-4595   eppeyton@aol.com
               Elaine has been painting and teaching for over 30 years.  She works in several
               mediums, watercolor, oil, colored pencil, ink etc.  She enjoys incorporating
               new ideas and techniques into her one of a kind pieces.
Sharp, Pat   319-373-5239   gpsharp61@gmail.com
Westpheling, Denise   319-361-9347   about:email denise1983.db@gmail.com
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