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Artists’ Profiles
Current Members for 2016

Biederman, Sue   712-260-1143

Bramley, Lorie  319-550-8844

                    Lorie has been a porcelain artist for over 35 years and is now fully embracing the art of watercolor painting.

Brand, Pat  319-294-1706

Cimaglia, Joan  319-393–6564

Cira, Laura   318-377-3570

Decker, John   563-379-1512

Diamalata, Eric

Dunn, Diane

                     Diane’s photography, Pauses is about lingering to see the texture of a building, the light on a flower, the shadows created and the                      reflections of ordinary life.  Beauty can be found in any season and in any location.  We need more beauty in this world so she                      shares what she sees.  Diane is a photographer, poet, and flute player.

Fox, Leslie    319-536-7-0727

Grodt, Dick  319-364-7694

                    Dick is a watercolorist who has won numerous awards for his paintings-most recently Best of Show at the Sister Kenny Art Show in                     Minneapolis. He’s been painting for 40 years and teaches watercolor classes regularly.

Hansen, Judy   509-209-6493

Huebener, Kathleen

                    “Art is a journey” believes Kathleen.  Knowledge is growing in day-to-day painting, by discovering, sometimes accidentally, new                     ways to capture light, texture and depth.  Incorporating this new knowledge into her work makes Kathleen exclaim, “The pleasure of                     creating just keeps getting better and better!”    A daily painting regimen is the means by which an artist turns from a tyro to a                     virtuoso.

Hunter, Helen  319-362-4777

                   Helen is a watercolorist and has been painting for about 9 years.  She loves to paint flowers and landscapes,  but is always eager to                    try new subjects.  She has won awards at Iowa Artists and at Lake Placid, FL.  “Painting stretches me to do things I wouldn’t think I                    could do”

Ipsan-Brown, Ruth

Jelmeland, Donna  319-462-2321     

                   Donna rediscovered her childhood passion for painting in 2011.  She was encouraged by her husband to exercise her GOD given                      talent.  She especially enjoys doing portraits of people and pets in Watercolor.   Contact her if you would like to commission a                     “special project.”

Jensen, Tamara  319-393-3044

Kacena, Jay  319-377-7709

Kulish Julia  319-849-1086

                   Julie has been painting for 20 years and works in oil.  “Painting is a small way to express my awe and gratitude to the Creator of all                    things beautiful.”  Julia is most interested in exploring color and the sinuous lines found in nature.

Lacock, Mary   319-350-4027

Lowe, Peggy  319-855-8952

                   Peggy Lowe is a retired First Grade teacher who finally has the time to explore watercolor painting.  She paints primarily things from                     the natural world and especially flowers and birds.

Lucas, Noma  319-377-5931

                   Noma paints in all mediums-watercolor, oil, pastel and acrylic.  She’s been painting for 30+ years and also teaches classes on                    Tuesdays.  “Painting is so relaxing and tests my creativity,” she says.  Noma has won various awards in art shows and contests.  She                    is a signature member of Iowa Watercolor Society.

Mishler, Richard  319-364-8863

                   Richard has been doing art of all kinds for 62 years.  He loves the freedom that painting gives him.  He works in all mediums.  “The                    awards I get are praise from my friends,” says Richard.

Moore, Dan   715-432-1983

Moore, Kim     715-432-1983

Moore, Lisa  310-981-0123

Murray, Jean  319-393-9560

Peterson,  Robert  319-364-6859

Peyton, Elaine  319-350-4595

                   Elaine is mainly a realistic painter who works in several mediums- oil, watercolor, colored pencil, ink and pastel.  She teaches art to                     all ages in her studio (Artistic Expressions).  She enjoys experimenting with new approaches to art.

Rattner, Diane  319-294-1382

                   Diane is an artist and calligrapher for Catfucius Creations.  Her love of cats serves her well in expressing  the moods and thoughts of                    our creative felines, as she knows well.  “Happy are those who enter the world of felines.”

Read, Pamela  319-848-3204

Richards, Dale  319-396-4815  

                    After retirement he began sketching, doing pencil drawings.  He joined Creative Artists in 2002.  Since then I have been encouraged                      to try various medium, primarily acrylic paints.  I started Art at Acme where a group of artists meets monthly to share ideas and                      skills while working on creative projects from wood-burning to painting and coloring.

Roby-Birkett, Pat   319-365-9273

Rogers, Martha   319432-2134

Russell, Steve   319-269-3450

Sharp, Pat  319-373-5139

                   Pat’s style of watercolor reflects her love of nature and commitment to bring enjoyment to others through nature’s color and content.                     She has won awards from Iowa Artists.

Shelton, Vickie  319-389-7121                    

                    Vickie has been painting all her life.  She paints in watercolor and “forgets her troubles and gets lost in art.”  A southern gal, she has                     won awards in Georgia.

Spaight, Bettie  319-365-8974

                   Elizabeth caligraphs quotations, greeting cards, envelopes, announcements, initials  and full-color  illustrations.   Custom designs.

Thompson, Sherie   319-389-8908

                   Sherie was a graphic artist and Art Director for 35 years.  Her journey has her from realism to abstract, with style she calls,                     “Perfectly Imperfect”  She enjoys the use of acrylic paint and various products and mediums.  There are no rules and no boundaries                     when in her art studio.  Her journey is just getting started.

Wieland, Kipp   202-3259

Wild, Carol  319-378-1601

                   Carol is a retired art teacher, lives and works in Robins, Iowa where she has an art gallery on their  acreage.  She works in a variety                     of media, including watercolor, acrylic, ink, sculpture, photography, various craft media and cards.  Her home business Is called                     CARA-LINE.

Williams, Pat  319-395-7405